We modify OEM models rendering them into exceptional motorcycles for individualists.

BMW Motorrad Dobrzański - the place that combines a passion for motorcycles with experts' professionalism.


Paweł Binias

First motorcycle in 1986.
First boxer in 1988.
Current preferences: “Every motorcycle, provided it's a boxer with the Cardan shaft”.
BMW R Nine T Custom – it's a dream come true...
Dobrzański Team Customs – Senior.


Mateusz Łaskawiec

Biker since the age of 10.
Organically “integrated” with the motorcycle – he will ride anything, anywhere, and in any conditions.
Unbridled mechanic. Motorcycles (especially those made by BMW!) hide no secrets from him.
Aficionado of any vehicle on two (or three) wheels.
Dobrzański Team Customs – Developer of solutions and the key performer of any job.


Przemek Żyła

His first experiences with motorbikes started in the primary school, and some serious encounters with two-wheelers began at the university.
The most motorcycle seasoned traveller in the Team – has covered Europe (including its Northern corners), South America, Africa, and bits of Asia.
Przemek's ventures bring him not only into paved or gravel roads. He likes off-road challenges, too.
Dobrzański Team Customs – Invaluable expert in tastes and market needs.


Marek Krawczyk

Since the age of 14 he has been infected with a passion for two-wheelers.
Roadsters and two-wheeled travels are Marek's love.
Plans for the nearest motorcycle future – develop his off-road skills.
Dobrzański Team Customs – Chief designer and manufacturer of anything that no plant has been able to come up with.


Grzesiek Leżoń

He started his adventure with motorcycles at the age of 12, when he got a moped, his first “serious motorcycle”.
He has been enthused with a passion for two-wheelers for over 20 years now.
During the season, Grzesiek hops on his two wheels any travels on them every day, restoring to a car in extreme conditions only.
Developments and passion – off-road rides.
Dobrzański Team Customs – Mateusz's right hand person.