Author: Dobrzanski Team Customs

Red Storm

Motorcycle based on BMW R nineT Pure.

  • “Red Chilli” coating
  • Double headlights set on DTC
  • “LED-LOGO” projectors (BMW night light logo, visible under the motorcycle from both sides)
  • Front indicators by Kellermann
  • Rizoma crossbar
  • Mirrors by Rizoma
  • Fuel fillercap by Rizoma
  • Aluminium covers of the oil cooler and the air-box
  • Head and V-belt BMW Machined covers
  • The seat’s cover has been made by DTC
  • SW-Motech symmetric right-hand panniers
  • Stoplight and rear indicators and integrated position lamps by Kellermann
  • Registration plate’s LED-lit support by UnitGarage

For sale at 67 357 PLN.

Photo gallery:


Motorcycle based on a BMW R nineT Scrambler 2018.

Project details:

  • In front of the headlight we have installed a shield that is a characteristic mark of the project.
  • An aluminium deflector has been fitted over the headlight.
  • An analogue revolution counter has been installed next to the speedometer.
  • The fuel tank and the engine front cover and other elements have been rendered in “GrunGrau/GoldGelb” that is characteristic for the project’s design.
  • The head covers have been changed to a vintage set.
  • Milled brake and clutch levers are from the BMW HP collection.
  • Milled sets of foot rests also come from the BMW HP collection.
  • Aluminium cover is fitted under the engine.
  • A right-hand pannier has been fitted on an additional support frame.
  • An additional stop light so characteristic of our projects has been fitted on the differential…
  • All OEM indicators have been replaced by an “m.blaze” set.
  • A luggage rack has been fitted on the fuel tank with a leather strap.
  • A luggage rack has been placed behind the back seat with handles for the passenger.
  • Rizoma rear view mirror.
  • OEM tyres have been replaced by Pirelli Scorpion Rally STRs.
  • The entire design is completed with additional “avio lights”.

FOR SALE – 63 109 PLN.

Photo gallery


Motorcycle based on a BMW R nineT Scrambler 2018.

Project details:

  • The headlight has been lowered and fitted with a guard manufactured in-house by us.
  • There is a special luggage rack over the headlight.
  • Vintage fuel fillercap.
  • MassMoto symmetric exhaust (certified – yes!, fitted with catalytic converters and dbkillers).
  • Symmetric right-hand panniers have been fitted on a support frame.
  • A back luggage rack has been equipped with handles for the passenger.
  • Engine protection bars have been fitted with an additional spotlight and a speedometer that has been moved from the handlebar.
  • Rear view mirrors by Unit Garage.
  • An adjuster screw has been fitted on the back shock absorber.
  • An analogue oil temperature gauge has been installed on the right-hand cylinder head
  • The project features a “FlashenGrun/SignalRot” coating in a matt version.
  • OEM tyres have been replaced by Heidenau K60 Scouts.


Photo gallery

Blue Chum

Motorcycle based on a BMW R nineT Pure.

Project details:

  • Adjustable long front fork by UnitGarage.
  • The headlight in a mini version has been fitted with a yellow bulb cover.
  • Bugger handlebar.
  • The ignition switch has been moved to the left-hand side of the frame under the seat.
  • The r.p.m. counter has been installed in the place of the ignition switch.
  • BMW Classic head covers.
  • Mirror supports made by DTC have been fitted on cylinders.
  • Fuel fillercap „Aston”.
  • The air box has been replaced by two conical air filters.
  • The battery has been moved under the fuel tank.
  • The registration plate’s support is by UnitGarage.
  • The back lamp has been installed in a mini version.
  • LED indicators (by Motogadget and Kellermann).
  • The luggage rack made by DTC has been fitted in the place of the back seat.
  • UnitGarage exhaust (with a detachable dbkiller).



Breaking Loose

BREAKING LOOSE with Dobrzański Team Customs.

The time has arrived to get away from daily routines!


It is a private event by invitation only for fans of Heritage bikes – both that have been originally preserved and customised BMW R nineT.

We will be travelling in a small group going for an outing through picturesque and varied roads of Małopolska Region, among others in the surroundings of the town of Gródek on the Dunajec River and Lake Rożnów.

It is a unique event for our BMW R nineTs in Poland!


Starting point: Kraków, al. Jana Pawła II 45.

Route length: about 100 kilometres (one way – return trip is up to participants).

Destination: Schronisko Dobrych Myśli mountain shelter – Jamna 53.

Date: 13 June 2019 (Thursday – weekend is scheduled for other purposes…).

Departure time: 10:00 AM.


If you want to come with us – please send your confirmation to the following address:


Additional information:

  • Participation is completely free of charge and voluntary; however, it is the event only for those who will receive special invitations…
  • Admittance only for those with the Heritage line bikes (BMW R nineT rules!).
  • A male/female companion is welcome to come along.
  • Throughout the event you will be provided with our technical support – assistance truck (to be following us).
  • In the case of unfavourable weather conditions, the event’s date is subject to change! (it is meant to be nice and fun – no lighting through adversities!)
  • Do you have any questions or queries – call Przemek (tel. 539-910-712) – who is our group guide.

Silver Spectre

Motorcycle based on a BMW R nineT Pure 2017.

Project details:

  • Aluminium fender from Wunderlich
  • Black crossbar from Rizoma
  • Rizoma black mirrors
  • Aluminium oil radiator covers
  • Aluminium air box’a/battery covers
  • Aluminium fuel tank with seam
  • Silver fuel filler from Rizoma
  • Head covers Machined
  • V-belt cover Machined
  • Seat cover made by DTC
  • Tail lamp bracket made by DTC
  • Black pannier BMW
  • Plate holder low from UnitGarage

FOR SALE – 62 888 PLN.


Golden Thirteen

Motorcycle based on a BMW R nineT Scrambler 2018.

Project details:

Spectacular project developed to a special order of our exceptional client.

The project has been based on BMW R nineT Scrambler 2018, originally equipped with a “719 Club Sport” option, and retrofitted with Öhlins suspension.

Scope of our customised design included:

  • The titanium exhaust by ZARD, in a “Snake Welded” version, has been additionally equipped with dbkillers (the original was the Race version),
  • The titanium air-intake is by Zard, too,
  • The BMW roundel logo in the headlight has been replaced by the one manufactured in house distinguishing the project,
  • The handlebar has been raised on aluminium supports,
  • The mirrors are by Rizoma,
  • LED indicators (Motogadget in front, and Kellermann at the back),
  • The original oil cooler has been replaced by the one made by DTC showing the v-belt cover,
  • The tank’s fuel fillercap by Rizoma,
  • The seat’s cover has been made by DTC,
  • The registration plate’s side support is by Rizoma,
  • The back light’s support under the seat is made by DTC,
  • The suspension is completed with Paralever by Wunderlich that has been repainted in house,
  • The leather panniers treated with wax have been provided by UnitGarage,
  • The rear suspension adjuster is a revolver’s revolving chamber that has been modified in house.